Saturday, 7 February 2009

Transworld Feb 09

This cover reminds me of The Skateboard Mag cover from the photo issue, because it's pretty much the same!

Good Ad.

Bad ad!!!

Biebel rules!

A couple photos from the Cliche article shot by Oliver Barton, pretty much the most consistant skate photographer out there, stuff is always rad.

Not a really big fan of Jose Rojo, this trick looks awkward though.

I really like this one, the colours are sick and the trick looks nice, plain and simple tricks usually make the best photos. Check the dust coming off his front truck!
This issue had a lot of featured sequences, now i usually hate them but some tricks wouldn't work without a sequence. Check out the crazy action.

Joey Pepper ripping again, thats 2 magazine appearances this year, and it's only February!
Some pretty good stuff from Transworld this month, i surprised myself with amount of photos and sequences i liked.

I need to find this months Thrasher (for the old guys)

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