Sunday, 14 June 2009

Euro 2002 - Henning Bratten vs Mark 92

This kicker over the bench saw a lot of action. I was shooting photos of all sorts but didn't know who any the skaters were. This guy was doing every trick over it, luckily there was a filmer there, i asked him who he was and he told me it was Henning Bratten. I didn't have a clue who he was at the time but i sure do now. He killed it.
Switch Hardflip.

After he'd thrown every trick he had over it, he skated off and the filmer left. I was wondering where to go next when a guy floated a breezy 360 flip over it. He landed and stepped off. I hung around long enough to get the shot, but not long enough o get his name.
Random guy - 360 flip.

After watching all the action from the side i could tell Mark was getting itchy feet. I had been in the arena for a good while now with no hassles so i called Mark over, casually gave him my clearence wrist band and told him to go get his board. Within minutes he was on the course skating about with all the pros and throwing down high speed bs flips.


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