Friday, 10 April 2009

Bryan Jones

I've shot so much stuff at Bristo over the years, to the point where i actually refuse to take any photos there now. Everything has been done before, the ledges are low, rounded, and have big gaps in them. Don't get me wrong, i love Bristo, i just hate taking photos there. Maybe it's the fact that i've seen so much go down there that a lot of people don't know who did what?
One guy who tops the list of who did what is Bryan Jones. I think he's done everything, bigger and better than most. I haven't see anyone skate the big set since i shot these photo 6 years ago, and thats the truth.

Not sure if it's because of the the corner you have to turn or because of the cobbles, (both of which didn't stop Bryan) but they now go unskated. It wasn't just the stairs, Bryan would always go off and find something to skate whether it be a traffic cone

or a metal barrier

He would always find something.
For those kids out there that don't know who Bryan is, he's the guy in the Shorts that can 360 flip every go, skate the second ledge on the monument with ease, and ollie 5 times higher than you!


Anonymous said...

damn straight! Bryan is probably the best bristo skater ever. Even better than Speedy Steve on his rollerskates.... - Skeets

Anonymous said...

nah bryan jones is a rubbish skater ,did anyone know he is also gaaaay