Friday, 27 February 2009

The Skate Mag 60

Nick Trapasso has be awarded the Am of the year by The Skateboard Mag. Pity about the shit cover.

Justin Brock is in my top 3 skaters who wear glasses, this frontside ollie ad is sick, that thing looks hard to skate.

I'm reallt digging the new Nike ads, mixing it up a little is always good and polaroids are awesome.

Snoop Dizzle.

Ryan Smiths new DC ad.

This portrait is pretty good, something different. Nice.

Focus Team Rider John Rattray has the newest Elwood ad, sick trick at a sick spot.

Chad Bartie has a Milestone in this issue. He kind of dissapeared a couple of years ago, i think it was because he cut his mullet off? This Noseblunt is proper!

Jereme Rogers cme over to London in the articale 'American Rapper in London'. What a tit. I was however pleasantly surprised to find this photo of Mikey Wright.
Here are a few photos that i enjoyed from this issue.

Peter Watkins - Pole Jam Rock Fakie.

Josh Swyers? Lien Grab Wallride

Seth MacCallum - Method

Silas Baxter-Neal - Frontside Flip
This is my favourite photo of the issue.

Look man, there's a freakin rainbow! Casey Rigney - Nosegrind Pop-Out

Alex Olson has the back cover, that arm steez is second to none!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Stu Graham in Transworld

I was looking through Allen Yings website and came across this beast, check the arm steez! I think it was from December 08, must've missed that issue.
Nice one Stu.

Waiting For The World

I really like this portrait of John Rattray, i could tell he didn't really want me to take his photo, and i think it shows.
This was the day he shot the backside noseblunt line that featured in Blueprints 'Waiting For The World'. I remember trying to shoot it as a sequence but ran out of film just as he made it, i was stoked that i got the still, and the BGP's in the video.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Tom Karma Footage

Karma asked if i could put together a few clips of Tom for their website as a sort of welcome edit. Most of its from this winter but theres a few clips from summer in there to keep you optimistic as the shorter days are slowly beginning to get longer!

Tom Karma New Rider Footage >>

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Steven Hampson AKA Stone Cold Steve Hampson, The Hampsonator, Buddy Love.

This takes me back to the 'good old days'. I used to skate with Steve almost every day and occasionally i'd pull the camera out for a photo, we would even film some stuff! That reminds me, we should probably film in the summer and edit in the winter?
Anyway, this was Steve's trademark trick, it even made into a MBC Local video, the highlight of his skate career i do believe.
Check out those brand new Axion Gino's. I bought them from HSC but were too small, the thought of returning them didn't even occur to me. I think i swapped them to Steve for some Findas Crispy Pancakes and a bottle of Barrs Pineappleade, good times.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Skateboarder March 09

This cover is sick, i was really stoked on it until i saw Mind Field, i can tell you that this isn't the best trick he does over the gap!
The contents photos are always bangers. Over a fence into some dodgy landing with crap lying around, pretty rough.
Cooper Wilt with a Pole Jam 5.0.
There's an article in Kazakhstan that is full of never before seen spots.
A full article on skateparks, usually i would be bummed about this but most of the photos are sick.
Here are a few of my favourite photos from the issue.
Brandon Westgate with a monster heelflip.
A guy i've never heard of Kyle Desulniers 360 flip noseslide. Awesome.
Ben Gore with the classic kickflip style. This is my favourite shot from the issue.

Neil Smith

I was working on the Saturday of the Skate Party so didn't manage to get there till early evening. Straight away i saw a massive crowd around the back wall and all down the steps, i ran over (as you do) to find out what was happening. I could hardly believe my eyes when i saw what Neil was attempting. Being from Livi the only thing i've ever seen in this area of the park is blader slam and a shit on the steps.
This was the one he landed, absolutely insane.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Anthony Williams

I saw this dude on The Berrics a few weeks back and thought he was sick. I really like his style and trick choice. Check out these videos i found, dude is killin it.

Watch them now!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Transworld Feb 09

This cover reminds me of The Skateboard Mag cover from the photo issue, because it's pretty much the same!

Good Ad.

Bad ad!!!

Biebel rules!

A couple photos from the Cliche article shot by Oliver Barton, pretty much the most consistant skate photographer out there, stuff is always rad.

Not a really big fan of Jose Rojo, this trick looks awkward though.

I really like this one, the colours are sick and the trick looks nice, plain and simple tricks usually make the best photos. Check the dust coming off his front truck!
This issue had a lot of featured sequences, now i usually hate them but some tricks wouldn't work without a sequence. Check out the crazy action.

Joey Pepper ripping again, thats 2 magazine appearances this year, and it's only February!
Some pretty good stuff from Transworld this month, i surprised myself with amount of photos and sequences i liked.

I need to find this months Thrasher (for the old guys)

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Saturday was dry so Beans and Matthew came through for a skate. Myself and Tom joined them and filmed a few tricks at the park then went onto millenium benches.

Saturday Blog >>

Sunday Sequence

Camillo takes us back a few years with this Nollie Crook, check the arm steez!
I haven't seen him out and about for a while, i think he's still in Dundee studying Law? Anyway, check out this footage filmed by Skeetz, he has a banger of a backtail in there.