Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Euro 2002 Copenhagen

When we first arrived in Copenhagen the first port of call was the skate shop 'Street Machine'. Usually we'd have got all the best spots marked on our maps, but they went one step further and had maps with photos already made up for visitors. Thinking about it now it's an amazing idea, it makes everything so much easier.
One of the spots that we skated several times was this skatepark out in the suburbs. It was all hand made by the skaters, was free of charge and no bad attitude or 'locals only' vibe. All the guys were really friendly and down for me to shoot some photos.

Emil Stoltz - Switch BS Nosegrind.

Casper - Heelflip

Robbie Singe - Backside Nosegrind Revert.

It would be a bummer if this park wasn't there anymore, it was made by skaters for skaters which is rad.

More Euro action soon.......

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