Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mr West is in the Building!

I went to check out the Adidas store in Soho today and when i arrived outside there were a few people with their camera phones out. I got to the door not really thinking about it and looked up to see Kanye West walk in, right in front of me. I played it cool and had a look around. After a few minutes he headed for the door so i followed him out, a couple of people got their photo taken with him but then started to refuse people. I casually walked on in front of him, got my friends blackerry out that i had borrowed and took this very poor shot over my shoulder. He saw me and totally called me out on it, as you can see from the photo, he was shouting at me. I stopped to talk to him and he was stoked that i had done it, he was like 'damn, that was a good one, you got an action shot!' I apologised and told him that where i come from we don't get big celebs just walking about the street. He was so impressed with my sneaky paparazzi skills that he stopped to pose for a photo with me, awesome! Unfortunately for me Blackberrys are fucking shit and it didn't take the photo, bogus!
It's not all bad though, his girlfriend Amber Rose told me that my accent was her favourite.

A party with Robert Pattinson and Emily De Raven one week, Kanye West the next, all i need is to see Bobcat Goldthwait and my trip will be complete. Wait, he's doing a talk at the Apple store in Soho on the 10th about the new Robin Williams movie he directed, shit, i'm there!!!


Anonymous said...

I was down TK Maxx at meadowbank and got my picture taken with Michelle McManus. Who says we don't have superstar wandering the streets in Edinburgh.

jonathan black said...

Boo yh mofo..... suck me wang its fish sticks West!