Monday, 7 September 2009

Skateboarder Photo Issue 09

My favourite magazines are the yearly photo issues. Skateboarder doesn't make a big deal out of it and doesn't have as many pages as the other mags, but the standard is the highest.
Check out my favourite shots.

When Josh Kalis is on the cover you know it's going to be a good issue.

Jake Johnson is on a boat! Backtail.

Grant Taylor - Frontside Air

Dan Plunkett - Front Board pop out.

David Clark - Beefy Kickflip.

Jon Newport - Ollie

Angel Ramirez - Front Blunt.

Jimmy Lannon - Kickflip.

David Reyes - Front Feeble.

Chris Oliver - Wallride.

Garrett Hill - Rainbow Ollie.

And my Favourire shot of the issue, Nick Panza - Switch Crooks in the snow.

Thrasher Photo Issue to follow...

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