Monday, 18 January 2010

Back in the Day Livi - 94-96

My friend Richie Keeble (The Keeble Guy) went to the effort or digitising a whole bunch of old footage from 94-96. It's mostly at Livingston skatepark and the legandary Crofthead barns, but it's well worth a watch, especially if you were skating about at that time. Appearances from.....
Daryl, Ollie, Stew Graham, Eggit, Kenny Omand, John Anderson, Brian Jones, Tattie, Wee Joe, Ricky Simpson, Ben Leydan, Waddle, Ian Denholm, Stevie Rhind, John Rattray, Barry Lindsay, Greg Sinclair, Grant Nieve, Wee Jezz, Monkey, Fran, Steve Hampson, Colin Campbell, Ivan Omand, Chris Mooney, Sandy Bingham, Dods, Peg, Mark 92, Ali Lowe, Elliot Gowans, My brother Chris and i even have a few tricks. More embarrassing than struggling to stay on a stationary 360 flip is the size my pants. Holy shit they were massive.

Nice one Richie, good effort. I think a lot of people will enjoy watching this.


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wow. too many good moments to even begin commenting!