Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Sequence - Brett Margaritas

In 2000/2001 a bunch of Aussie guys were touring about Europe, Matt Mumford, Brett Margaritas, Chad Bartie, Dustin Dollin, Morgan Campbell, and few other stopped of at Livi, Edinburgh, and Glasgow for a skate. I managed to take some shitty photos from some of the action that went down. There was a proper article in Transworld at the time, so if you want to see the real photos, check that out. I'll warn you now, i didn't have a clue what i was doing (shit lense, no flash, crap film), i hadn't been shooting for long so the photos are pretty gash.

I'll start of with a Sunday Sequence.

Brett Margaritas - FS Air Livi bowl
More to follow........


Anonymous said...

didnt spell dollin the correct way - from dustin

Focus Media Division said...

Looks right to me.