Friday, 16 April 2010

Back in the Day - Mitchell Rail

After warming up with the tailslide he attempted the frontblunt, he gave it a good few goes but had trouble pulling out at the bottom. Dustin Dollin was also defeated trying a kickflip noseslide, but he didn't have as much patience. After only a few goes he smashed his deck off the wall, disappeared and came back with two cans of beer and a Smirnoff Ice. Didn't know that alchopops were the favoured drink of a piss drunk? Also just remembered he was skating for Stereo, right before they pulled the plug.
Luckily John Rattray was there, he always brings the goods!

This Nosegrind was also shot by Skin Phillips (top left) and featured in the OZ Tour issue of Transworld on the Contents page. Does anyone have that issue? Would be good to check it out again, i think the whole issue was upside down or back to front. Give me a shout if you do!

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