Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Back in the Day - Lanthorn

This is the first photo i found of the stuff from the Lanthorn. I've had a quick look through my negs but i seem to be missing some slides, i think they're in a box in my brothers attic, i'll need hunt them out.
I remember skating down to the park from my house with Skeetz and Girdy a year or so previous to this, Skeetz spied the rail and caveman boardslide it pretty easily. Girdy was filming a lot at the time and skeetz decided that he could probably boardslide it. I had never actually seen anyone skate a rail before in 'real life', so i was pretty stoked.
After taking up photography i used to skate with Skeetz on the reg, i took him back to the rail and he did it again.
This is the photo.

More crazy Lanthorn action to follow as soon as find those slides.

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