Wednesday, 3 November 2010

And The Slam Of The Year Award Goes To.......

Rab Milne.

Probably the worst slam i've ever seen, and the only time i've ever felt bad after shooting a photo.
The police had moved us on minutes before but that didn't put us off, we hid round the corner, i got my camera out and Rab went for it. He was on it first go and we all couldn't believe it, Benson, Keith Allan, Kerr, Tamo, and myself were all there to witness it. He gets up straight away, climbs to the top and get ready to drop in.
Boom! That didn't look good. I paused for a second, realized he wasn't moving, then ran over. Just as i approached the police that moved us away came past again, got out and called an ambulance.
He didn't really know what had happened, but handled it like a champ. After getting numerous 'telling offs' from the police, janitors, and local pub dwellers, Rab started apologizing for not landing it. Lying on the ground, head bleeding in a neck cast, apologizing, like i didn't feel bad enough.

He came into the shop the next day to say he was ok, to say he was super stoked that i shot the sequence, and that he wanted to try it again.

Slam of the year Rab.

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