Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back In The Day - Blair Hodge

There's always one kid skater in a scene that gets good faster than the rest, this was the case with Blair. All the other kids wanted to skate like him, look like him, be him. I guess after a while the pressure gets to you, it's a hard burden to bare, being great. I'm kidding of course. A combination of getting a older and interested in other things, and Bristo becoming a haven for fights and unsavoury characters, i guess he just got fed up.
Here are some old photos to remind you how rad he was. I have some unseen footage of him somewhere i'll see if i can knock up a 'Ghetto Cam Remix'. Boom!

Frontside Noseslide

Backside Flip

Pole Jam

Wallie Nollie Out

Frontside Nollie

Backside Flip

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