Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Crazy Dave

I shot these two photos on the first day of collage. They were taken on a Pentax K1000, i didn't have my own camera yet so i got used to using that for a few months. It's a dope camera.

I didn't know what to expect from my classmates but there were a couple of characters for sure. It was only a small class, i think maybe 10 students? It was a small photography department so we all spent a lot of time together. Dave was by far and is by far one of the weirdest dudes i've ever met. I remember one night while skating at the park (Livi) I heard someone shouting from the other side, i looked up and saw it was Dave. I skated over to see what was up, he was a little drunk and was shouting "Graham, you're a human being!" Then he went on to say that you could put some funky multi coloured lights in the big bowl and shoot some crazy photos.
Another time at collage he was convinced that the FBI or 'Feds' were after him and they were trying to get into his locker. he showed me where they had drilled a hole in the padlock. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case, but he was adamant it was them!

Regardless of the silly stories, Dave was awesome. I also think he was way ahead of his time, i mean look at that hipster outfit, it's even shot all out of focus and shit!

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