Sunday, 27 December 2009

And the winner is...........

First Place of the Focus Header competition goes to Miles Kondracki.
He made so many that the odds were definitely in his favour, smart thinking. Here are my favourite 2 that he did.

Good job Miles. Come and collect your Focus deck and a high five from me!

And in second place winning a Focus T-shirt is Leo Fiorillo.

Leos entry.

You don't get a high five i'm afraid, you get the consolation prize hug. I'm sure you're stoked eitherway.

Good job guys and thanks to everyone who entered. Just one last reminder of how good this header was.

And this previously un-seen masterpiece.

It's a shame they were done by Darren Anderson, everyone knows i hate him so he didn't really stand a chance.

Cheers again and have a great Christmas and New year!

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