Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Where's Ferg???

I was looking through some old photos today and found these. Ferg ripped. Does anyone know what he's up too, if he's still skating, or if the rumours are correct playing darts?

Kickflip Shifty

Best switch fs flips ever.

Here's a reminder of how good he was.

Hope you're good wherever you are.


Brokehead Skate Store said...


Ferg is still in Arbroath, and the roumors are true! He plays darts all the time!

Do you have any more pics you could send me for blog and nostalgia purposes!?


Anonymous said...

Yes that is right, As soon as Ferg hit the big 30 he has turned into a darts player......don't think his knee's can handle it anymore!!He has settled down, has a full time job a plays darts, yes thats right its true!!....lets start a campaign.....BRING BACK FERG!!!