Monday, 23 August 2010

The Lost Negatives

Niall Barlow was always super keen to film and shoot photos, almost to the point of being annoying. I was trying for the longest time to get Niall an Omens or something similar in Document, anything i shot i would send it down in hope that it might get printed. I had a few slide sheets worth of stuff and having spoken to Kingy at the 2001 Livi Skate Party i sent them down along with 8 films of that i had just shot at Livi.
I hadn't heard anything and a few months later the article came out, of course, none of my photos were used.
I did a little bit of traveling and forgot about all the photos i'd sent till about a year later. I contacted Kingy and the Document chaps and they couldn't find any of my stuff. They had recently moves offices and my photos were nowhere to be seen.
The worst part about it is, i overzealous when speaking to Kingy and sent all the Livi photos down without developing them first, so i never actually got to see them.

Amongst the photos i sent down i remembered a sequence i shot of Niall from the Lanthorn Community Centre, a place i frequented as a youth growing up in Livi. It had the best rails out the front and even smaller ones round the side. I managed to take a few people their over the years, but unfortunately the big rails were taken out around 2003 and the small ones have been skate stopped.
To my knowledge this is the only trick ever done into the little bank at the side of the small rail. I was so stoked on this when i shot it and again last week when i was remembering it. Stoked to the point of getting in touch with Niall to see if he still had the contact sheet i gave him at the time. He did, here it is.

Niall Barlow - Fs 180 over rail into the bank.

I'm going to hunt through my negs to see if i can find more photos from the Lanthorn, those rails were so good.

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Focus Media Division said...

On a seperate note, i miss my full frame fisheye. Fuck digital.