Saturday, 21 August 2010

Molecules in Motion

I was looking through some old scans and came across this photo of Toby Paterson. Taken on one of the many road trips to Bolton that was had in the early 2000's. Toby hit my fisheye on one of these tailslides, the lens was brand new so i little fright.

Anyway, while reminiscing i remembered that i shot some photos of Toby's art show 'Molecules In Motion'. I think this was also in 2001, my mind's getting a bit blurry with dates these days.
This is the only photo i have scanned in from the show.

Colin Kennedy backside flip.

I need to have a rummage through my negs and see if there's anything else worth posting. If you managed to go to the show i'm sure you'll agree that it was rad, great idea for a show, art you can skate!


Anonymous said...

we were just out skating in glasgow that day and then somebody was like "john rattray is skating the arches!" haha had no idea it was a toby patterson show.

Anonymous said...

I'll try and dig the rattray edit from here in the nazi gold, never seen or aired anywhere - belter. hit me up on my flickr mail in a couple of weeks after I trawl through it