Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mark 92

Between 96 and 2001 you'd be guaranteed to find Mark 92 at Bristo. There were rumours he used to sleep in the bushes and survive on eating berries. Not really, i just made that up, but he did spend a ridiculous amount of time there.

Backside Ollie - Check out the BGP's in this photo.

I think i might've blogged this sequence a while back, before i started the Media Division blog, so some of you might have seen it. It was featured in Sidewalk for a 'New Blood' a while ago now, i even did the little write up thing which Mark wasn't best pleased about. I might have mentioned something about him being a bit of a ladies man? Oh well, i thought it was funny.
Fakie Flip Tailslide Bigspin Out.

Mark hase been living and working abroad the last few years, i'm sure he plans to get married this summer in Barcelona? I guess this means his 'ladies man' days are over!


Sean said...

That cunt's still got my Neighbourhood tee.

Richard said...

...think he sold it to finance his tea addiction