Sunday, 28 February 2010

Monthly Mags - The Skateboard Mag 69

I've been meaning to scan this for a few months now, best Skate Mag cover in a while.

Someone needs to get Jack Curtin hooked up with some proper sponsors, seems like if you're on DGK no one will touch you. Bummer, as he's rad.

I like Reda, maybe he should tell Atiba how to take better photos. Atiba used to kill it, now it seems like he's given up. Don't even get me started on his photoshopping.

Focus team rider John Rattray with a double page Elwood ad. Nice work.

Now this ones had a lot of people talking. How the hell do you impossible over a full size bench? I can assure you it's not the shoes.

Sierra Fellers interview (check the catch on the switch heel)

Cody McEntire interview. This guy is sick, pity he's on Think, their riders never get the coverage they deserve.

20 years of Danny Way feature.

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