Friday, 27 February 2009

The Skate Mag 60

Nick Trapasso has be awarded the Am of the year by The Skateboard Mag. Pity about the shit cover.

Justin Brock is in my top 3 skaters who wear glasses, this frontside ollie ad is sick, that thing looks hard to skate.

I'm reallt digging the new Nike ads, mixing it up a little is always good and polaroids are awesome.

Snoop Dizzle.

Ryan Smiths new DC ad.

This portrait is pretty good, something different. Nice.

Focus Team Rider John Rattray has the newest Elwood ad, sick trick at a sick spot.

Chad Bartie has a Milestone in this issue. He kind of dissapeared a couple of years ago, i think it was because he cut his mullet off? This Noseblunt is proper!

Jereme Rogers cme over to London in the articale 'American Rapper in London'. What a tit. I was however pleasantly surprised to find this photo of Mikey Wright.
Here are a few photos that i enjoyed from this issue.

Peter Watkins - Pole Jam Rock Fakie.

Josh Swyers? Lien Grab Wallride

Seth MacCallum - Method

Silas Baxter-Neal - Frontside Flip
This is my favourite photo of the issue.

Look man, there's a freakin rainbow! Casey Rigney - Nosegrind Pop-Out

Alex Olson has the back cover, that arm steez is second to none!


raccoonradical said...

Seth MacCallum not seth curtis.

Focus Media Division said...

Thats a gold star for you sonny.