Sunday, 15 February 2009

Steven Hampson AKA Stone Cold Steve Hampson, The Hampsonator, Buddy Love.

This takes me back to the 'good old days'. I used to skate with Steve almost every day and occasionally i'd pull the camera out for a photo, we would even film some stuff! That reminds me, we should probably film in the summer and edit in the winter?
Anyway, this was Steve's trademark trick, it even made into a MBC Local video, the highlight of his skate career i do believe.
Check out those brand new Axion Gino's. I bought them from HSC but were too small, the thought of returning them didn't even occur to me. I think i swapped them to Steve for some Findas Crispy Pancakes and a bottle of Barrs Pineappleade, good times.


Focus Glasgow said...

Axions & sweatpants > Half Cabs & cords > anything else & skinny jeans

Anonymous said...

way to go dady shampson, when wil the like be seen again?