Friday, 13 February 2009

Skateboarder March 09

This cover is sick, i was really stoked on it until i saw Mind Field, i can tell you that this isn't the best trick he does over the gap!
The contents photos are always bangers. Over a fence into some dodgy landing with crap lying around, pretty rough.
Cooper Wilt with a Pole Jam 5.0.
There's an article in Kazakhstan that is full of never before seen spots.
A full article on skateparks, usually i would be bummed about this but most of the photos are sick.
Here are a few of my favourite photos from the issue.
Brandon Westgate with a monster heelflip.
A guy i've never heard of Kyle Desulniers 360 flip noseslide. Awesome.
Ben Gore with the classic kickflip style. This is my favourite shot from the issue.

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Adam Humphreys said...

all in all a good review