Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Copenhagen World Champs 2002

On the Euro trip we stayed for a little while in Copehangen, roughly two weeks. During that time we had the pleasure of going to the World Champs. For myself it was the first time i had been to such a competition, there were big name pro skaters everywhere. I brought my camera gear with me in the off chance that i could maybe fire off a few shots, but when i saw the quality of skating i knew i had to get in on the action.
I went to the registration office (which was kindly pointed out to me by Reese Forbes) and told them that was from a skateboard magazine in Scotland, i filled in some bogus details and they gave me a photographer wrist band. I was free to roam the street course and take photos of whoever i want.
First off, Caswell Berry - 360 flip up the step up.

More Euro action to follow!

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