Friday, 15 May 2009

Euro 2002 - Gershon Mosley

I was super stoked to see Gershon skating, he'd been one of my favourites for ages.
He was skating about with a weird over the shoulder bumbag. It had some kind of walkman in it, given that it was 2002 it could well have been a tape player, i was still rocking one. He was also wearing the biggest set of headphones i have ever seen anyone skate in, i've no idea how those bad boys didn't come flying off. For me this was one of the sickest tricks i saw at the comp, that table top is massive! You can see in the background that it was meant for on top of a driveway, it was seriously big.
Gershon Mosley - Backside Lipslide from flat.

More Euro action to follow!!!

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