Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Sequence

This weeks Sunday Sequence is taken from my 2002 Euro trip. We managed to park out VW Camper right outside the Mystic Skatepark for about a week before the worst floods in over 100 years chased us away. The skatepark is situated on a funny little island, almost like a moat. We watched the water getting higher and higher everyday until the banks of the river further up (in Dresdon Germany) burst. It was crazy, there were helicopters over head evacuating people, the lower city was completely sand bagged, and we couldn't drive to the other end of the city were my friend Robbie was being held in the mental wing of a non-English speaking hospital. But thats a different story altogether.
Petr Horvat Backside Lipside before the floods.
He also got a Backside Tailslide bigspin out but i ran out of film! Times were hard then, especially as all i could afford to eat was the 'Euro Sandwich'. The 'Euro Sandwich' consisted of a big ass bread roll, pepperoni, cream cheese, and if i could afford it, crisps. This was cut into 3 parts to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Those were the days.
More Euro 2002 storys to follow.

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