Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Sequence

Sunday sequence this week goes to a miniture Bobby Baillie.
This Handrail was right next to my house in Dedridge in Livingston. It was at the Lanthorn Centre which was a community centre, library, cafe, and youth club. I spend many a good year there at Playscheme, birthday discos, and the Dedridge Galaday.
I would pass this everyday on my way skating and always thought it was very skatable. I took Bobby there one sunny Saturday afternoon, he wasted no time in laying down a crook, only took him a few goes too.

Bobby was the second person (to my knowledge) to skate it, the first being Steetz

Unfortunately the rails are no longer there. I hope for the kids sake that the Playscheme is still running, i had a wicked awesome time playing there in the summers.


David said...

Hey Guys, like the blog lots. I often pop into the Glasgow store too when I'm down visiting and it's sweet.

I'm actually just learning to skate and it's real cool - something I've always wanted to do. And cos I love writing loads, I'm doing a wee blog about it; more for the craic than anything else.

Just wondering if you want to give it a look?

It's just fun really. Going to be mentioning Focus in it too soon - as I said I pop in quite often. So yeah, if you like maybe even give it a shout out?
Thanks - it's well cool how encouraging other skaters have been because basically Im such a dork, but gotta start learning to skate somewhere eh?

Magic. BYE!

Focus Media Division said...
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Focus Media Division said...

Nice one David, i'll give it a look.