Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dalgety Bay

Last Sunday Aaron, Ruari, Beans and myself went out with the plan to skate some new marble ledges just around the corner from Aarons flat, first time we arrived without wax later returning with some to have the security guard from the building site kick us out. After that we needed a new plan and we made our way to Kinross bowl and filmed a few things including some super 8; to my surprise the camera still worked and i left there feeling pretty content with what we got on film. Next stop was Burntisland with a quick stop on the way to these ramps in Dalgety Bay... with everyones immediate excitement at the sight of them we filmed a few things for the blog and after about half an hour we made our way to the last stop of the day Burntisland. Ruiri got a few things on film but after about 10 minutes one of the locals began to kick up a fuss because Aaron asked him to move, so with the cold beginning to become unbearable and mutterings of "im dying for a scrap" we made tracks and headed home. To end the day off i didn't even have to buy a train ticket home thanks to a complete stranger giving me his as he had bought a return by mistake..Great!

Here's the Dalgety Bay footage..

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