Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday in Edinburgh

Today i headed through to Edinburgh to film. My original plan was to shoot some super 8 as the weather was looking so great but to no surprise the camera failed to work (Which i've realised now was because i hadn't put the batteries in properly) so i went through from Glasgow with the vx only. First stop was Bristo Square. After a quick warm up Beans, Matthew and I all went to our first spot of the day at the Uni, we filmed a few lines but got kicked out after about half an hour. Soon after that we made our way towards a local school. Didn't get much done but Beans managed to get a couple of things on film and with Matthew suggesting a few ideas for tricks we walked to Napier to see what could be done. A few tricks were landed before we got kicked out again. Afterwards we met Aaron, Fakie and James; we all decided to go to a bank spot behind the cinema at Fountain Park so with Beans in the boot of the car we made our way. Once there the banks were a bit of a challenge to say the least so Beans took to early grabbing off the tallest ledge he could find next to it! We then set off (with Beans probably a few years minus on his walking lifespan) to a seriously rough bank spot where we met Kerr and Zander; after only about twenty minutes it started to rain and everyone went their own way. All in all it was a good day .. heres some of the footage..

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