Sunday, 11 January 2009

Kingpin 61

I Picked up the latest issue of Kingpin today. It has a great article on Glasgow featuring a lot of Focus riders which is sick. The photos were shot by master lensman Alex Irvine and the writting by everyone's favourite scottish pro and all round nice guy, Colin Kennedy.
Here are the highlights:

Tom Shimmin - Backside Flip

Everyones favourite late night caller Andy White - Switch Heelflip.

Div with a Tailblock. (I know what you're thinking, keep that sh*t in the parks!)

Tom Shimmin again with a Noseblunt.

Colin Kennedy with a steezy Back tail.

There's a few more photos in there from the likes of Jamie Bolland and Paul Silvester, you should definately go out and buy a copy if you can.


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P.M said...

post the Bolland photo!

Kingpin takes forever to arrive over here!

Owt from Mark Foster in there too?