Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sidewalk 148

The Focus boys have had a very productive month. The latest issue of Sidewalk host some good photos of Focus Team members.
First off, Colin Kennedy gets the back cover with this bangin' Thunder ad.

Just when you thought that every trick had been thrown down this infamous double set, think again. I can't even recall a sequence of this trick being puplished in ages, if at all! I'm definately wrong there but it's a great advert.

Next up is the first of Mark Burrows photos. This man is clocking up the coverage this month!

Shot at the U.K mini ramp champs by my second favourite Shiner employee Jerome. You could say the nosepick was Marks trademark trick, not sure if he'd agree with that, but a good photo none the less.
Next up is Benson.

It's also taken from the U.K mini ramp chanps, i'm not sure how he does it but he seems be getting everywhere.

Last but not least is the second sighting of Mark Burrows.

This is one of my favourite Heathen ads so far, not because i shot the photo, but because i shot the photo. Turned out pretty good if you ask me.


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