Monday, 19 January 2009

Monthly Mags

I'm going to do my best do post my favourite photos from the newest monthly U.S skate mags. It might be an advert, feature, interview, or just a bangin' photo.
I'll get the ball rolling withn my favourites from Skateboarder Feb 2009.

What a way to start, Bobby Puleo could take a shit on a block and it would make a good photo. If this were anyone else doing a backside tailslide it would more than likely be scoffed at. Banger of a photo.

Joel Meinholtz - backside 180 fakie nosegrind.
You don't really see much of this guy, i don't know too much about him either, sick photo though.

Joey Pepper - Hurricane.
This is another dude you don't see much of. I really liked his part in Aesthetics - Ride or Die Vol.1 in 2001. Hopefully we will see a new section from him soon now that he's on Expedition One.

Van Wastell - Variel flip.
Really like this one, i love how there's nobody lurking about in the background, just an massive empty warehouse. Skateboarder has a full section dedicated to him. If you're a fan you should definately find yourself a copy. R.I.P

Mike Anderson - Front blunt.
Great timing on this photo. Relatively unknown until last year, he now skates for the likes of Krooked, es, Matix, and Spitfire. Check him out at The Berrics

Cornbread? I've never heard of this guy and never seen this trick before.

Last up is a Fourstar ad, no explanation needed. DAMN!!!

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get that bloody Bolland photo up will you!