Friday, 30 January 2009

The Skate Mag 58 - The photo issue (apparently)

I always get excited when i see a photo issue has come out, i'm usually dissapointed and this is no different. This is only the second photo issue for The Skate Mag, i didn't see the first one but i'm guessing it was better than this. I think it came out pretty fast after they started the mag, within the first 10 issues anyway, before digital was everywhere. Also the fact that it was a new magazine probably had a lot of the photographers motivated. I don't want to start ranting so here are the very few photos that i liked.

Atiba used to churn out great photos like there was no tomorrow. Always one step ahead of the game his photos were amazing. I really like this one, it's a lot better that the stuff he's been doing recently. This was the best shot in there for me.

Chet Childress is a beast, look at all the shit peeling off the walls. I don't have to explain this photo, the trick is crazy.

Ollie photos are hard to make look bad. People lurking in the shot can sometimes disstract you from the trick, i think it works well here. Plus Jack Sabback is in my top 3 glasses wearing skaters.

Nice work on the Osiris ad Stew!

Thats it for the photo issue, pretty lame, there are better photos in a normal issue. Ah well, maybe in 5 years when they do another one it will be better, maybe....


beans said...

graham think u looked over some photos like.
p72 crazy
p116 bottom
p151 this my favourite
c'mon eh!

Focus Media Division said...

i've got the ad on page 72 coming up soon.
the photo on p131 is good, i'll give you that. I as in two minds about including it. But thats it for me.